Carpet Drying

Carpet drying is required immediately after a water extraction process has been performed on water damaged carpet. This is to dry the remainder of the carpet 24 hours a day after the water has been extracted. It involves specialised carpet drying equipment such as turbo air dryers and dehumidifiers to draw moisture from under the carpet and to dry the affected area overnight or for a few days.

This drying process is essential because sometimes water can get deep into the underlay and 'wick back' long after an extraction process has been performed. The water remains logged in the underlay, which acts as a sponge and slowly releases the water it's been holding back to the surface.

If the flooding was extremely heavy, sometimes a second extraction process may be required after the carpet has had time to wick back and release more moisture. It's very important to run the dryers and dehumidifiers afterwards because even a little bit of water remaining in the carpet can cause mould and mildew.

Carpet Drying

What Do Air Movers Do?

These are strategically placed over and under the carpet if necessary to help evaporate the moisture present. This speeds up the drying process and aids in preventing mould and mildew growth.

What Do Dehumidifiers Do?

These machines draw moisture and pump the excess into either a drain or a container. These are particularly useful for rooms with poor ventilation and they greatly speed up the drying process with air movers.

Trust the carpet drying professionals and contact us to dry wet carpet for you. Our specialised equipment can extract water from carpet and then dry it continuously afterwards until required.

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Carpet Drying Sydney Services

If you need carpet drying services in Sydney then we are here for you. There are many incidents that can cause carpet flooding and the water needs to be extracted as soon as possible. This is where our professional services can help you to remove the water and dry the carpet afterwards.

Here are some recommendations you follow if an incident occurs:

  • If it's safe to do so, ensure all electrical devices are unplugged or away from the water
  • Do not attempt to extract the water yourself
  • Try to stop the source of the leak first so that no more water can come through
  • You can place towels down to try and stop the water from spreading to other areas
  • Try to create some airflow in the room to help remove moisture
  • Move furniture if it is about to get compromised

After this, get in touch with us and we will arrange to come around and perform a water extraction service and offer you the option to use our dryers and dehumidifiers until required. This greatly helps to remove the rest of the moisture remaining in the carpet.

Then, we highly recommend the carpet gets properly cleaned to destroy the bacteria remaining in the carpets. This leaves them hygienically clean while also aiding in preventing mould and mildew from forming.

Carpet drying can be sped up by the strategic placement of air dryers and dehumidifiers. Many people also don't realise that it's not just the surface of the carpet that needs to be dried, but underneath it as well. This is where the majority of the moisture will be, so getting under the carpet to place dryers can greatly speed up the process. Here are some wet carpet drying methods that are very effective:

Surface Drying

Air movers are set up pointing at the affected area to help dry it. Depending on the level of saturation, sometimes just an air mover can be enough to completely dry the carpet

Sub-Surface Drying

The carpet is lifted in a corner and an air mover is placed there to dry the moisture under the carpet. This can be a good option when the underlay is not severely affected.

Underlay Removal Drying

The underlay is completely removed because it needs to be replaced and air movers are placed under the carpet to completely dry it. This is the most costly but effective carpet drying method.

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