Carpet Water Damage

Many homeowners are not aware of carpet water damage. Most of the time, water damage is overlooked because it does not happen very often. However, it is important to remember that a small leak in your home become a large problem if it is not repaired quickly.

If you notice that you have water damaged carpet, it is important to get the area cleaned up as soon as possible. This involves using the professional services of wet carpet cleaners who will extract the water and then offer dryers and dehumidifiers to run overnight or for longer to remove the remaining moisture.

It is also important that the carpet is cleaned in the following days as well after it has dried. This is because there will still be bacteria and living organisms present in the carpet that could provide a breeding ground for mould.

Carpet Water Damage

We have the latest advanced water damage restoration equipment to try and salvage your carpet. It's important to treat this as an emergency and act fast so that further damage can be prevented. Contact us today to protect your valuables and to get your home or business back to how it was before.

Carpet Water Damage Sydney

Flood damaged carpet can be incredibly frustrating and you need to act fast to prevent further damage from being caused. We are professional wet carpet cleaners and can give you restoration for water damage services to prevent further damage and to try and restore your carpet to what it was.

Water damage carpet affects everyone in your home or business so you need the best team there is to act now. We can work with water under carpet, wet rug, wet carpet after heavy rain, soaked carpet, emergency water extraction, bathroom flooded carpet, and many more different situations that can require a flood cleanup. Here is our water damaged carpet cleaning process:


We will inspect the affected area and brief you on the procedures, processes, and results that can be achieved from our flooded carpet cleaning service.

Water Extraction

We use powerful machinery to perform emergency water extraction services to remove liquid from your carpets as quickly as possible.

Drying Process

We will now use specialised drying equipment so that all the moisture can be removed and the water damage restoration process can begin.

Post Clean

We highly recommend that you get the carpet cleaned after it has dried to destroy the residual bacteria and to prevent mould and mildew from growing.

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