Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Steam Cleaning

Virtually everyone is aware of carpet steam cleaning and what it involves. This is the old-school, traditional way of carpet cleaning and many people assume it’s the only way.

There are actually about six carpet cleaning methods, but some terminology has become interchangeable and some methods are far inferior to others.

There’s only two carpet cleaning methods that deliver amazing results, and that’s steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning, commonly known as encapsulation carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing is a low-moisture carpet cleaning method. It is highly effective at removing stains and soils while also using up to 80% less moisture than steam cleaning.

This means not only do your carpets dry faster, they are also hygienically cleaned and look great.

How Does It Work?

Your carpets are first vacuumed using machines equipped with HEPA filters to remove small particles such as dust mites and debris.

A specialised cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet that is designed to loosen soils and stains.

The solution is then agitated into the carpet with a brush on a rotary scrubbing machine and this spreads it between every single fibre in the carpeting, ensuring a truly deep clean.

All non-permanent stains and marks are removed by now, but the technician can change the brush to an absorbent cotton pad to soak up some of the remaining soils or moisture if needed.

The technician will now place turbo air dryers to enhance drying time but you can actually walk on the carpets straight away.

Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Steam Cleaning

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is actually correctly known as ‘hot water extraction’, and it involves shooting hot water through a carpet wand and extracting it and the cleaning solution in the same motion.

Steam is simply a by-product of hot water, since hot water creates steam, and it poses no benefit or contributes to the cleaning process in any way whatsoever.

How Does It Work?

A specialised cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet that is designed to loosen soils and stains. This solution is often more much more harsher than dry carpet cleaning solutions and therefore it must be extracted from the carpet so it doesn’t cause damage by being left there.

The solution is extracted through a carpet cleaning wand that shoots hot water from a machine its connected to and this water is extracted as well while the technician moves the wand towards them.

The carpet cleaning wand doesn’t extract all of the water, and because it also shoots it into the carpet, sometimes the water can flood the backing and this can lead to mould, mildew, and rotting.

Since there’s so much water used during the process, it also remains in the carpeting for longer which is why it takes longer to dry. Inexperienced carpet cleaners can leave some carpets wet for days!

Why Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Better?

Carpet encapsulation cleaners use a specialised solution, which attacks the stains and soils and then encapsulates it. The solution is agitated into the carpet and the stains and marks disappear right in front on your eyes.

Steam cleaning machines rely on high water pressures to force the solution through the carpet fibres where it seeks out and removes pollutants through hot water extraction. Steam cleaning often relies on petrol-powered machines that are incredibly noisy and the dirty water is dumped onto your lawn or into the sewer.

The dry carpet cleaning method is far more environmentally friendly than wet steam cleaning and also means that there is less risk of damage to your carpets due to the low levels of moisture, so there's many benefits of these services.

Dry carpet cleaning is the healthiest way to clean your carpets since there are no harmful chemicals used in the process. Steam cleaners can use harsh detergents and chemicals that can stain or water-damage your carpets, whilst dry methods utilise cleaning solutions with wetting agents and emulsifiers to do the job.

This means that you don't have to worry about excessive drying time or risk of rotting and mould growth over time, making it a perfect option for commercial carpet cleaning due to fast drying times and amazing results.

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