Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

We have highly trained and professional upholstery cleaning Sydney technicians who are ready to freshen up your upholstery and bring it back to life. Our technicians know the best cleaning methods and can clean to the manufactures specifications recommended for specific types of fabrics.

Upholstery cleaning is a must for anyone who wants to keep their upholstery looking fresh and new. Pet hair, dander, odour, and all the dirt and dead skin cells can make your upholstery look dull and old before its time. This can be especially embarrassing when you have special occasions such as holidays, weddings, or baby showers and the upholstery on your sofa or chairs look horrible. You may even decide to replace your upholstery because of how worn it looks.

Sydney upholstery cleaning professionals use high-quality equipment that can remove stains from fabric, leather, bedheads, and other upholstered items. Our trained professionals can help you regain your pride in possession, and are highly trained to recognise different types of fabrics and materials. This means you're getting the best upholstery cleaning service possible with amazing results.

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Our upholstery deep cleaning method is safe enough for the entire family and can be effective enough to remove the most deep-seated stains. It's our experience and expert knowledge of different types of fabrics that set us apart from the rest. These services could greatly increase the lifespan of your upholstery and regular cleaning can help you to enjoy them for much longer. It's no surprise then that upholstery cleaning services have become very popular in recent years and you too can enjoy all the benefits of our amazing service.

Our cleaning process exceeds the standards of AS/NZS 3733 and can remove living organisms and bacteria while leaving your upholstery clean, sanitised, and deodorised.

Extends The Life of Your Upholstery  ✓ Removes Dirt, Stains, Soils, & Allergens  Cleans To A Safe & Hygienic Level

All Upholstery Is Pre-Vacuumed Green & Eco-Friendly  Fast Drying Times ✓ Complimentary Deodorising

✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney Services

Regular upholstery cleaning not only removes odours from the carpet, cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, and air pollution but keeps fabric furniture looks its best. Proper upholstery cleaning services maintain the life of your upholstery and makes it more comfortable to sit on!

Professional upholstery cleaning services are recommended for those suffering from allergies and asthma, as well as those that love having hygienically clean and maintained furniture. If you do not provide regular upholstery cleaning services, stains can set and become permanent on your fabric furniture, literally destroying your expensive and comfortable furniture investment.

A thorough pre-vacuum using ‘HEPA-filters’ to remove dust mites, dirt, dust, contaminants, and allergens

✓ Apply spot treatment to all stains and marks on the upholstery

✓ Deep clean, sanitise, and deodorise your upholstery using antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions that target germs, bacteria, and allergens

✓ Grooming fabric for optimal and positioning cushions and upholstery for optimal drying

✓ Utilise ‘turbo air dryers’ to enhance our already fast drying times

Optional add-on of our Defender Upholstery Protection Treatment to aid in stain and soil prevention

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